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Dear Parent:

     The Studio Tutoring Service has been very successful over the past several years. We provide an organized and central place for the kids to work with teachers who know the subject areas. Tutors vary according to the needs of the students. If someone is taking Latin, for example, tutors are hired who know that subject. We are not, however, an accredited school. This service mirrors the experience of working minors in the entertainment industry. The Studio Teachers who are certified by the State of California are the pool from which we hire most teachers. California law requires that students who work in this industry to be attached to their regular school (or home school). When they work on a show they will need to arrive with their books and assignments from that school. The same is true with the Tutoring Service. The idea is that when students return to their regular schools they will be able to fit back into the schedule as if they never left.
     If your child is coming from a school outside of California, the school may or may not choose to cooperate. If not, and if you have exhausted all options in your area (called the District regarding home schooling, etc.), then please feel free to call us for advice or recommendations.
     For those who attend, TSSTS will provide attendance, work summaries and grades as needed. The Service starts after the first week of January and lasts as long as enough students remain to make it viable, usually through April or May, sometimes longer. The group meets from 9 AM to 12 Noon, Monday through Friday. Reference materials, computer and Internet service are included, as well as basic school supplies and support. We will make every effort to have communication with your child's school when and if that is necessary.

The Studio Tutoring Service provides:

  • A short term, organized educational setting designed to keep students up to date with their classmates back home
  • Facilities located right onsite at the Oakwood Toluca Hills
  • Weekly organization of assignments
  • Access to a computer and reference materials
  • Dedicated, credentialed teachers with years of experience teaching in classrooms and in the entertainment industry
  • Quality academic guidance and assistance for grades 2 - 12
  • Specialized help in the areas of most higher math and foreign languages

    Our Tutors:
    Our service utilizes Studio Teachers and Tutors. These teachers regularly work with young performers and each Studio Teacher is California credentialed in elementary, middle, and high school curriculum. They provide academic assistance and guidance while preparing students for studio classrooms.

    Our Schedule:
    Students sign up for our service on a weekly basis. This allows them 3 hours of tutoring every weekday from 9 AM to Noon for a total of 15 hours per week, which is what Title 8 of the California Civil Code requires of minors working in the Entertainment Industry.

    Our Fees:
    $50 one-time registration fee (per family)
    $200 weekly tutoring fee per student (15 hours - @ $13.33/hr.)
    $150 weekly tutoring fee for second family member ($11.67/hr.)
    $125 for third ($10.56/hr.), $100 for all others ($9.68/hr. and less)
    (Weekly fee covers California's recommended five, 3-hour sessions per week.)

9:00 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Students arrive
9:00 - 9:10 . . . . . . . Morning meeting with studio teacher
9:10 - 10:30 . . . . . . School work
10:30 - 10:45 . . . . . . Break/Snack
10:45 - 12:00 . . . . . . School work
12:00 . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cleanup and dismissal

Arrival/Departure: Please have your child arrive on-time at the Malibu Conference Room, located next to the Workout Room in the North Clubhouse. Enter through the side door (not through the lobby) and sign in. At the end of each session, the parent or guardian named on the registration form will pick up the student unless otherwise noted. Please be on time to pick up your child.

Leaving Early: This is not a problem because we understand the reasons you are here. However, for safety reasons, if your child needs to leave early from a tutoring session, please send a signed note to class that indicates what time the student will leave and whether he/she will be picked up, or can leave alone.

School Work: All students should have enough work from their home schools to complete each 3-hour session. Include worksheets, workbooks, etc. Our teachers are happy to administer tests and quizzes to students, and if necessary this will be done in a small quiet ante-room next to the classroom. All students should also bring a book from home in the event they finish their work early. If time allows we may have activities and academic games available to students for break time or on special occasions. If you have special needs in regards to a foreign language classes, please call the Studio School and we will make every effort to arrange for a language instructor.

Parent's role: In our efforts to train students who work in the Entertainment Industry to deal more effectively with their education on set, we find that the most important thing is to empower parents regarding their role. The parent in the Entertainment Industry is the only common denominator to the educational part of the child's career, the only sensible go-between. That is why we encourage parents to be in control of getting materials and assignments from the school. The parent knows the school and teachers, us, and will know the teacher on set and the production company, and will be able to coordinate the homework for all of these parties better than anyone. The parent is the BOSS! According to California law, without a parent on set (and without a Studio Teacher on set, whether there is school or not) - there is no child on set! Parent, child and Studio Teacher are a legally required TEAM!

Behavior: Disrespectful language and behavior towards teachers or other students have no place in our classroom (or the classrooms on sets for which we are preparing the students), and are especially inappropriate to those aspiring to a public role. Such behavior could lead to being sent home for the session or to a termination of tutoring services. This is especially important because time is limited, parents are paying for this extra service, AND schooling is now a part of the student's profession.

Snacks: It is a good idea to send a healthy snack along with your child for our break. Please, no candy. We will have fruit, pretzels and water on hand every day.

The Break: Students will be allowed to step outside of the room for a few minutes if desired, but NOT to return to your unit unless previously requested by you. The break is short, so staying inside, playing a game, or just talking are encouraged. Students are not to hang around the Club House Lobby. This is a place of business and is not allowed by Oakwood.


Can we attend for just a day or so a week?
Sorry. This is not a profit making operation. The money you pay goes directly to tutors. If we allow partial-week attendance we won't be able to afford to hire teachers for the week.

What if we miss days during the week? Can we get credit for the next week? Guess! Teachers are hired on the expectation that students will be there, and still have to be paid. Sorry.

If we get a job and have to miss a week can we stop and start again? Of course! You can come and go as often as necessary. Jobs are what you're here for and we're all pulling for you. TSSTS is a-week-at-a-time commitment.

Can my son/daughter request a tutor at TSSTS to work on set with us when we get a job? Yes, as long as that tutor has the proper California Studio Teacher's credentials you are encouraged to make requests to the production company. It is to your benefit if you know the teacher and know that they will do a good job.

Can my child leave early for an interview, or come late? We are in the schoolroom every day for your convenience. Work oriented absence or non-work oriented absence is totally at your discretion. Let us remind you, however, that regularly paced work is going to keep your child on schedule with the rest of the class back home.

Can my son/daughter return to the apartment during the break? We really discourage this as it is a short break. Also, this is a time for students to socialize with each other within both an educational and a professional context, so being together for the break time is valuable.

Can my son/daughter stay late to do more school work? Absolutely! Be aware, however, that there will usually not be a teacher to watch over your child or to help them. Most teachers have to rush off to work. If they are available, however, teachers would be pleased to hang around and help out, but this may not always be possible.

Can you administer tests from our school? YES.

Do you give grades? YES. We will be happy to do this if your home school needs them. Teachers on set send recommended grades during the run of a show. It is our goal to mirror the studio educational/work experience, therefore, we give reports called "pinks" with both grades and attendance. As on set, however, these are merely recommended grades. We are not an accredited school, we are a tutoring service.

Can you send homework to our school at the end of each week? We will make sure that the homework is done and organized, ready to send. You will, however, have to package it and do the actual sending. Oakwood has daily UPS and FedEx pickup service which makes this chore smooth and easy.

To School Officials or To Whom It May Concern:
     The Studio Tutoring Service provided at Oakwood fashions itself after the on-set schooling required by the State of California for all minors working in the Entertainment Industry. Title 8 of the California Administrative Code is very specific with regard to the laws protecting working minors and their education. Conforming to Title 8, the Tutoring Service provides three hours of schooling each morning from 9 AM to 12 PM and tutors are drawn from the pool of California certified Studio Teachers who have both secondary and elementary credentials. Participants must bring books and assignments (specific or general) from their schools. We make every effort to keep students organized and paced so that when they eventually return to school they will be near or on level. It is up to your school whether there is weekly communication, monthly communication or whether the materials and suggested grades are returned to you at the end of the student's time in Los Angeles. We find that it is best if parents are the common denominator with regard to the exchange of school work as they are the only component in this experience present back home, at our center, and at the workplace.
     This has proven to be a sensible approach to educating these students who in most cases do not want to leave their schools and classmates, but who want to pursue talents and aspirations, and are able to do that while maintaining school work. We recommend that schools think of this experience as they would participation in the Olympics, musical competitions or some other extracurricular activity for which students show talent and passion.
     To register, or for more information, please feel free to call 1.323.445.6364.
Yours truly,
Wesley Staples
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