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Oakwood found 2 one bedroom furnished apartments in Dayton, Ohio, United States, offering furnished and serviced apartments for corporate housing and extended stay rentals. The 1 property that best matches your search criteria is available for the dates selected.

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1.  2621 Hibiscus Way  :  6.57  Miles
One bedroom starting at $106 Per Day  * **
2621 Hibiscus Way
Beavercreek, Ohio   45431
The Lofts at Willow Creek offers extended stay guests everything they are looking for.
2.  4450 Buckeye Lane  :  6.57  Miles
One bedroom starting at $106 Per Day  * **
4450 Buckeye Lane
Beavercreek, Ohio   45440
 Luxury apartment living at The Greene offers all the amenities of living in a walkable small town setting.
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Sort by Results Per Page
 * Prices are subject to change based on dates and availability.
** Prices are based on length of stay.  Check property details for specifics.
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