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Home to China’s best beaches, the palm-fringed golden shores of Sanya, the ‘Hawaii of China’, offer a welcome antidote to the hustle and bustle of city life with its tropical climate, white sand beaches, clear waters and cloudless blue skies.

Revive yourself with a stay at our exquisite serviced residences and explore the diverse natural wonders, dramatic landscapes and fascinating indiginous culture available beyond the beautiful stretches of idyllic coastline - from mineral-rich hot springs, rugged mountain trails of the Yanoda Rainforest to the culturally enriching Binglanggu Village.


Oakwood Apartments Sanya

Situated within the bustling Tianya district city center and mere minutes away from the beach at Sanya Bay, Oakwood Apartments Sanya – notably the first international serviced apartment in Sanya - offers a blend of city and resort life, a tranquil scenic view and great accessibility to a wide spectrum of attractions. Designed exclusively by famed Thai Interior Designer Yutt (of Cancu Studios), design elements such as turtle shells, marble and ocean waves with a fresh palette of colors reminiscent of Hainan’s island culture are incorporated into the exterior of the hotel and serviced property. Each of the 163 well-appointed studio, one- to three-bedroom apartments - is welcoming and tastefully decorated. Be it a short or long stay, a memorable and comfortable stay is ensured for all - from the solo business traveler to the vacationing multi-generational family.

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