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Find preferred accommodation for your extended stays at over 80 properties globally. Designed with added liveable space, fully-equipped kitchens, separate spaces for work and play, as well as hotel-like facilities and services, you can be sure to find a perfect fit for your personal lifestyle.

To deliver on our promise of providing more than just a stay for every guest, Oakwood has established partnerships with trusted industry leaders to help business professionals and their families find their way to new homes and communities, with ease in their relocating journey. With expert advice from Oakwood’s destination consultants – whether it is for a permanent home or an orientation tour of your new surroundings, enjoy seamless transition and have your daily living arrangements sorted out as your settle into your new home.

Find out more about our destination service programmes below. Alternatively, share your requirements with us via the enquiry form and allow one of our Oakwood associates to assist you with locating your ideal residence.

Packing up and relocating to a new destination can be unsettling for some. Which is why at Oakwood, we have trained destination consultants that we have partnered with, to guide you through each process, so as to ensure that you receive all the support you need to accelerate assimilation into your new environment.

Finding a Home (One-day programme)

  • Review welcome package
  • Onboarding call to identify housing needs and budget
  • Screening/short list of suitable properties by providing a property list and an itinerary two-three days prior to services
  • Accompany guest on visits to find a home
  • Act as the tenant representative for lease negotiation and signature coordination
  • Coordinate all lease signatures required
  • Complete property condition form
  • Complete property walk-through

Settling In (Half-day programme)

  • Review welcome package
  • Assist with set up of local bank account
  • Assist with utility setup
  • Neighbourhood familiarisation
  • Provide information on domestic help, medical facilities, shopping and lifestyle.
  • Assistance with process to obtain local drivers licenses

Education Support (Half-day programme)

  • Provide information and options for schools
  • Arrange and schedule school visits
  • Assist with enrolment process
  • Assist with retrieving school deposit, where refundable (if/when application falls through)

Destination Orientation (Half-day programme)

  • Area tour to familiarise with available restaurants, malls, schools
  • Provide advice on insights pertaining to public transportation

Should you be interested in any of the above programmes, or wish to have a customised programme planned for you, please contact our corporate sales team at sales.global@oakwood.com.

Exclusively for US federal and state government employees, Oakwood offers customised options to meet your needs during travel, temporary assignments and relocation plans requiring extended stay arrangements.

Select from offers that promise 15% savings off our best available rates or per diem rates that suit your business plans.

Enjoy a suite of furnished apartment options with the following benefits and more:

  • No apartment hunting and no utility bills
  • Monthly receipts for easy reimbursement
  • In-unit washer & dryer
  • Fully-equipped kitchen with housewares
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Cable TV
  • Pet-friendly accommodations

Find out more about our government rate options here or fill out the form below to be contacted with more information pertaining to your stay requirements.

For more information regarding per diem travel please visit the U.S. General Service Administration website.

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