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Situated on the mouth of the Brantas River, the capital of East Java has been an exemplar for urban renaissance - preserving its kampung neighborhoods and developing its cultural heritage in tandem with urban development.

Peruse ancient Javanese artefacts, weave through the labyrinth of lanes in the historic Arab Quarter, appreciate the distinctive customs of the Surabaya-Chinese and take in the panoramic views from the top of Masjid Al Akbar Surabaya, one of the largest places of worship in South-east Asia.

Whether you decide to explore the quixotic corners of interest within the city or venture further to conquer the other natural splendors of East Java - from Mount Bromo, Malang to the Ijen Plateau, Oakwood’s celebrated serviced residences make an ideal base for your journey into and discovery of the mystical East.


Oakwood Hotel & Residence Surabaya

Situated in the heart of east Surabaya, Oakwood Hotel & Residence Surabaya offers a sense of private, residence-style sophistication amidst a bustling city. Each of the 144 hotel rooms and serviced apartments exudes elegance and delivers home-like comfort, tailored to both business and leisure travelers alike. Centrally connected to business hotspots and iconic attractions, enjoy ease of access to premium shopping malls, and a variety of dining and entertainment options.

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Surabaya Attractions

Heroes Monument

Commemorate the heroic acts of brave individuals of Surabaya who selflessly expressed their patriotism during the historical Battle of Surabaya in 1945. Stand in the shadows of the towering, 41-meter monument, deepen your historical knowledge with a museum visit or come Heroes Day on November 10, join in the grand celebrations by the open square where the monument is erected.

Tumpak Sewu Waterfalls

For the spirited and adventurous, take a detour off the beaten path into the Lumajang area of East Java - straight for the elusive and extraordinary waterfalls that is Tumpak Sewu Waterfalls, otherwise known as “one-thousand waterfalls”. Make an early sojourn to the Tumpak Sewu viewpoint and be rewarded by the postcard-worthy skylines, set against the breath-taking Tumpak Sewu and Semeru Volcano peeking out from the morning fog.

Masjid Al Akbar Surabaya

Tall and magnificent, the Grand Surabaya Mosque - the second largest in Indonesia - inspires with its modern architecture, unique vertical dome tiled in a unique pattern of turquoise and green, and an equally impressive interior that features a beautiful Mihrab decorated with Quran calligraphy in gold. Take the elevator up the 99 meter minaret, built as an ode to the 99 Names of Allah and indulge in the beautiful panoramic views of the city.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which hotel or serviced apartment in Surabaya should I explore, for convenience of location?
Oakwood Hotel & Residence Surabaya offers business and leisure travellers alike a central location that is well served by Galaxy Mall Surabaya and connects easily to business hotspots as well as iconic attractions.
Which hotel or serviced apartment in Surabaya is ideal for business travellers?
Enjoy the flexibility of liveable space, the convenience of a work setup and a comprehensive host of amenities such as reliable Wi-Fi as well as printing services at Oakwood Hotel & Residence Surabaya. Work and live in the comfort of well-appointed serviced apartments which are fully equipped with kitchen and laundry facilities, perfect for a self-contained stay. Discover our offers catered for guests seeking serviced accommodation for business travel or long-term accommodation.
Which hotel or serviced apartment in Surabaya is popular with couples and families/friends?
Oakwood Hotel & Residence Surabaya offers couples and families the choice of hotel rooms or serviced apartments, both exude elegance and deliver home-like comfort.
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