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25 June 2020

Oakwood Launches Global “Clean360” Program, Setting a New Standard for Cleaning and Safety

Leading serviced apartment and hospitality management company introduces new protocols to enhance its already-rigorous cleaning measures, counter virus spread, and ensure the safety of all guests and associates

Oakwood Launches Global “Clean360” Program, Setting a New Standard for Cleaning and Safety

Oakwood Launches Global “Clean360” Program, Setting a New Standard for Cleaning and Safety

LOS ANGELES – Oakwood®, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mapletree Investments (“Mapletree”), announced today the launch of Oakwood Clean360, a global program that details the brand’s commitment to meeting the health and safety challenges of COVID-19.

“The world has changed and we must stay vigilant in confronting the realities of a global health pandemic. What has not changed is that Oakwood will continue to provide exemplary service and hospitality. The Oakwood Clean360 program is focused on more than cleaning and hygiene; it provides a holistic approach to giving our guests a safe sanctuary to call home,” said Dean Schreiber, chief executive officer.

“The health, safety and well-being of our guests, associates and global communities are our number one priority. By enhancing our already-rigorous procedures with new guidelines and input from third-party experts, Oakwood is reimagining the hospitality experience and redefining its cleaning and safety standards for today’s world. We want to make sure both guests and Oakwood associates clearly understand what we are doing to safeguard their health,” added Schreiber.

Benefits of Staying in Serviced Apartments
Medical experts agree that the safest accommodations are the ones with the fewest touch points, and a private residence is safer than a hotel. In a serviced apartment, guests can maintain the safety protocols they have implemented at home which include:

  • Cooking meals within their apartment, reducing the need for dining out or ordering take-out.
  • Washing their own clothing and towels more often to reduce exposure to the virus.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the apartment unit as often as they wish for additional peace of mind.

Enhanced Operational Standards at All Properties
To provide additional reassurance and safety measures, properties will implement:

  • Oakwood Clean360 Ambassador: Every Oakwood property or cluster will have an appointed Oakwood Clean360 ambassador who will ensure that all associates are working in compliance with the new guidelines. These include, but are not limited to:
  • Face mask and glove requirements for all associates and vendors.
  • Use of anti-bacterial and anti-viral cleaning materials as part of standard procedures.
  • Enhanced cleaning of all high-touchpoint surfaces in common areas and the apartments such as door handles, light switches, faucets and remote controls.
  • Sanitization and storage of in-apartment kitchen utensils and crockery in reusable containers that come with an Oakwood Clean360 seal to prevent contamination.
  • Installation of hand sanitizing stations in common areas.
  • Oakwood will also be appointing a globally recognized accreditation firm to review the program, co-develop audit checklists, and train Oakwood Clean360 ambassadors on conducting audits.
  • Safe Distancing: Safe distancing, as recommended by local authorities and regulatory bodies, will be observed at front-of-house and back-of-house areas and will extend to any external vendors within Oakwood’s premises.
  • Accessibility to Hand Sanitizers: Hand sanitizer will be available for use by guests and associates in public, front-of-house and back-of-house areas.
  • Reduced Touchpoints in Public Areas and In-Unit: High-touchpoint items in public areas, such as reading materials, will be removed to minimize contamination and guest contact. Within each apartment, items such as decorative pillows and door hangers will also be removed.
  • Stringent Laundry Protocols: Enhanced protocols will be implemented to ensure the safety of guests and associates alike in handling and managing the trolleys when laundry is being collected.

A Safe Sanctuary
Upon checking in, guests can feel confident that Oakwood has taken every precaution to safeguard them and their loved ones:

  • A Safe and Sanitary Residence: Through rigorous cleaning and disinfecting, every apartment will be vacant for at least 5 hours prior to a guest checking in. To further reduce any possible exposure, cleaning of apartments will only be conducted when guests are not in-house and only one housekeeper will be permitted within the apartment at any one point-in-time. Stringent housekeeping measures and protocols are in place with regards to the cleaning of every apartment such as the use of a new set of disposable gloves by housekeepers each time and the frequent sanitization of cleaning equipment between each use.
  • Minimal Contact with Kitchenware: Guests may place their utensils and crockery in the sink to be cleaned and sanitized. Unused kitchenware, which have all been sanitized and kept in reusable containers that come with an Oakwood Clean360 seal, will remain untouched by housekeeping associates.

Emphasis on Health and Well-Being
Oakwood is also rolling out new associate training protocols to ensure that they understand what the brand is doing to protect and educate them as well as guests.

  • Personal Masks: Oakwood will provide each associate with face masks.
  • Additional Flexibility: Oakwood will provide additional flexibility for team members who are ill and do not feel well so they can stay home instead of coming to work.
  • Ongoing Training: Training and education initiatives will be provided to ensure that all associates are empowered, updated, and protected.

For more information, please visit Oakwood.com/Clean360

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