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Located right in the middle of South Korea, Cheongju is the charming capital of Chungcheongbuk-do province. There are plenty of things to do in Cheongju; this relatively small city is a bustling hub of learning and innovation, supporting academic institutions like the Korean Air Force Academy and the National University of Education. The Cheongju Industrial Complex is a nexus of technological innovation, where South Korea’s biotech, aerospace and pharmaceutical sectors converge.

But there’s more to Cheongju than work and study. Here you can get back to nature by taking a refreshing stroll through the Mindongsan Arboretum; spark your imagination with a visit to the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art; wander through Yonghwasa Temple in search of ancient secrets; or travel to Suamgol Observatory and explore the cosmos. With its combination of natural beauty, traditional charm, and modern innovation, there are many reasons to visit Cheongju in South Korea.


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Oakwood Hotel Cheongju

Opening Q1 2026 - Located in the capital and largest city of North Chungcheong province in South Korea, Oakwood Hotel Cheongju is easily accessible via Cheongju International Airport, and close to renowned universities and Cheongju Industrial Complex. Housed within the Millennium Town of Cheongju, together with a Convention Centre, Wedding Hall and retail stores, Oakwood Hotel Cheongju will offer 250 units of guest accommodation – comprising of hotel rooms and serviced apartments with fully-equipped kitchen, as well as a restaurant or bar, pool, fitness centre and meeting facilities.

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Cheongju Attractions

Munui Cultural Heritage Complex

The beautiful Munui Cultural Heritage Complex is a great place to learn about local history, culture, and arts. It was created to preserve local traditions and showcase the unique culture of Cheongwon. Here you can explore traditional houses, a museum, a tavern, and an authentic Munsan-ri stone bridge, which is thought to have been built during the Goryeo era. There are also plenty of attractions nearby, making this a perfect destination for a family day trip.

Cheongju National Museum

With around 42,000 artifacts spanning the Stone Age to the Joseon Period, Cheongju National Museum is a treasure trove of South Korean culture and history. In addition to 12,000 fascinating permanent exhibits, facilities include a walking trail, children’s museum, outdoor waterfall, pagoda, laboratories, and exhibition halls, where unique themed installations are held every spring and fall.

Sangdang Sanseong Fortress

Located on the slopes of the Uamsan peak, the Seangdang Sanseong Fortress is an impressive stone fortification that offers some fantastic views of the surrounding landscape. It features three main gates, three turrets, and three waterways; there’s even a tiny village within its walls, where you can get a bite to eat and rest your feet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to get to Cheongju from Seoul?
You can ride the train from Seoul to Cheongju, which takes about 1 hour and 42 minutes. The fastest direct flight from Seoul to Cheongju takes around 3 hours. But remember to check before you book, as some airlines can take as long as 21 hours due to stopovers.
What is Cheongju famous for?
Cheongju is famous for being a hub of learning, innovation, and productivity. The capital of Chungcheongbuk-do province is one of South Korea’s major producers of electronics, petrochemicals, and chinaware, while also an educational center that’s home to four major universities. Here you can find excellent museums, galleries, historical sites, and cultural treasures.
Which hotel or serviced apartment in Cheongju should I explore for convenience of location?
Scheduled for opening in 2026, Oakwood Hotel Cheongju will house 150 hotel rooms and 100 apartments at the city’s new Cheongju Millennium Town landmark, making it the best choice for accommodation in Cheongju.
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