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Welcome to the great land of United Kingdom, where magnificent landscapes, rugged mountains overflows and intertwines with picture-perfect countryside, coastal towns, ancient castles and vibrant cities.

A cultural powerhouse which has produced many greats - from Harry Potter to the Beatles, William Shakespeare to the Monty Python - it promises engaging, rich and unique experiences in every other fields from sport to art, music to literature - with a dash of Britain’s distinctive humor. Multifaceted and inspiring, make Oakwood’s serviced residences your choice of stay as you immerse in the shared culture that binds and uncover the distinct local personalities of each country and cities within.

Oakwood Apartments Great Tower Street

Return to soaring ceilings and expansive open layouts in a sophisticated unit at Oakwood Apartments Great Tower Street. Make yourself at home with sleek designs, natural finishes, and all the modern conveniences you need to keep you both comfortable and productive at home. From your doorstep, expect to find some of London’s best restaurants, sights and attractions, all within walking distance.

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